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About John

The first step to becoming a healer is to heal oneself.

My life in the corporate world was feeling more and more like a never-ending treadmill…a 21-year relationship was ending…and I couldn’t break out of the cycle of unhealthy eating and weight gain.

I knew something had to change, and I began studying and practicing the most powerful healing methods throughout history. My journey took me around the world, visiting ashrams, retreats, and spiritual advisers, all of whom gave me priceless gifts of knowledge and insight.

After I began my spiritual journey I changed my perspective about work. My stress and perfectionism melted away. My relationships with co-workers and friends are much healthier today. I’m more present and grateful than I’ve ever been.

I’ve become a vegetarian after a lifetime of eating meat and lost over thirty pounds, I play squash competitively, and I’ve learned to fly gliders to overcome my fear of heights.

But it wasn’t until my spiritual adviser told me I had a gift of touch and intuition that I began to heal others. As an integrated healer, I now focus on improving the relationship of mind, body, and spirit.

My hope is to start you on your own self-changing journey and attain a lifestyle of balance, health and happiness. I offer a number of services to provide a holistic treatment plan, including bodywork, energy work, and nutritional advice.

Please contact me if you want to know more about how I work. Specific services offered include:

  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Energy Healing & Integrated bodywork
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sensual Massage
  • Tantric Massage

“John is truly gifted and talented. I would strongly recommend a session with him. He takes a holistic approach, integrating mind body and spirit.”

  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Health Specialist
  • Certified Natural Health Professional

If you want to create the optimal nutritional and wellness plan for your needs, you can click here to contact John.