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Bodywork & Energy Work

Through energy healing and Integrated bodywork we will help you bring your life into harmony with the creative path you were meant to live. The modality combines bodywork, vibrational healing, breath work, and physical and spiritual intentions. Each session is unique as the individual, and is tailored to reach the ultimate goal of relate and transformation. Reiki and Crystal healing can be incorporated into these treatments.

Deep Tissue

Chronic pain and flareups are common, and can be triggered by anything from a gym injury to a repetitive motion. Even stress can inflame sensitive areas. Deep tissue massage targets your hotspots, loosening up knots, increasing circulation and alleviating pain. Other benefits can include an increase in serotonin and a drop in blood pressure.

[Cambron JA, Dexheimer J, Coe P. Changes in blood pressure after various forms of therapeutic massage: a preliminary study. J Altern Complement Med. 2006;12(1):65-70]


Many patients / clients seek treatment for back pain, increased mobility and muscle rehabilitation.

[Skillgate E, Vingard E, Alfredsson L. Naprapathic manual therapy or evidence-based care for back and neck pain: a randomized, controlled trial. Clin J Pain. 2007;23(5):431-9]


A fantastic therapy for dealing with stress and depression. Very sensual and holistic, Tantric massage treats your body and mind as interconnected. Conditions like poor sleep, migraines and lower sexual drive are treated as body-mind-environment maladies and can be corrected through the Tantric science of consciousness.


Maximize your performance while reducing muscle pain, tension and fatigue. Depending on your needs, we can focus on myofascial work to open up your body or target tendons to boost flexibility and endurance. In between sessions, I’ll provide you with exercises and stretches to expand your strength while enhancing posture and mobility.


The most popular form of massage in the west, the goal is to relax the muscles to stimulate self-healing. This type of massage is exceptionally beneficial to relax and energize, by breaking up the build up of toxins that impede blood flow and flexibility. The result is a profound sense of physical and mental relief.

“John is an amazing energy worker. After one session I felt more centered and grounded.”