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Healing Services


Gemstones and crystals have been used for millennia in healing. Each type of crystal is unique and provides different solutions, from reducing stress to dealing with heartbreak.

Our bodies are remarkable healing machines, adapted to fend off thousands of potential infections and diseases. But it’s common to feel unbalanced, especially in New York City where we’re constantly assaulted with pollution, noise, stress, and Other People’s Anxiety.

The awe-inspiring beauty of these crystals holds the secret of vibrational frequencies. That feeling of being a little off-kilter indicates that your frequencies are unbalanced. Crystals can be used to restore your sense of stability and help the body’s natural healing mechanism to kick in.

Crystal healing can be done independently or can be incorporated into our Reiki and Integrated Bodywork sessions.

Black Touramaline – Great for warding off negative vibes. I recommend my clients carry this stone / gem during their commute.
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Reiki is a profoundly simply yet powerful way to restore calm and centeredness by stimulating the body’s natural healing energy. You may feel a range of emotions during your session. Some clients cry, some laugh, and some simply feel tension leaving their body. These are all ways in which you’re releasing stress, anger, frustration, sadness or grief. By freeing up that pent-up energy, you allow yourself to let go of those feelings in a safe, healing environment.

“John’s integrated energy body and crystal work is wonderful. He is very intuitive and the reiki crystal combination was wonderful. He recommended crystals specific to my issues along with meditation exercises.”

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