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Silver Fox Skincare for Men

Revitalize Your Skin – Naturally and Gently

Urban living wreaks havoc on our skin.


Designed to protect us, skin does its job very well. But when assaulted with pollution, sun exposure, and dry winter heat, our skin ages prematurely. Poor sleep, alcohol use, and smoking dramatically increase the damage.

After traveling the world trying different formulas and products, I’ve found a remarkable organic skin care treatment. Silver Fox works with your own body’s chemistry to help release toxins and allow your skin to rejuvenate naturally, using pure botanicals. You’ll look years younger and you’ll feel incredible.

It starts with cleaning your skin. Most over the counter cleansers only add to the problem of toxic overexposure. It’s easy to clean the first layer of skin, but if you’re not nourishing deeper layers your skin will pay a price. Think of the silverware in your kitchen drawer. After a few cycles in the dishwasher, the shiny surface is reduced to a dull sheen. The best skin cleansers help you retain a youthful look instead of creating worse problems.

Silver Fox provides that deeper level of clean, while giving your skin the freedom to protect, heal and refresh you. After years of taking care of you, isn’t it time to give your skin some love?

Please call me or email to discuss the perfect skin care regimen for you.

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